One Stop Testing Solutions

Chokim Scientific offers customers a one-stop solution for all their testing needs. From laboratory instruments and consumables to food safety diagnostic kits, Chokim offers a variety of test methods to suit each individual’s testing requirements.

Our Range Of Solutions

Hygiene Monitoring

Using ATP, customers are able to get an instant indication of the hygiene level in their plant or food processing facilities, enabling them to take immediate corrective action if necessary. For customers who prefer a non-instrument based method, protein tests are also available based on color change which gives a clean/dirty indication in 10 seconds.

Real-time Microbial Testing

For customers who require a quick turnaround time, our real-time microbial testing systems provide results in as fast as 6 hours for products with a high microbial load. Real-time systems also eliminate the need for serial dilutions saving costs in terms of labour and consumables.

Microbial Testing

Ready-to-use media enable users to test their products any time without the need for conventional agar preparation. A wide range of dehydrated culture media is also available for customers with specific media requirements.

Pathogen Testing

Chokim offers a variety of options for pathogen testing. DNA based methods enable customers to obtain and document their results quickly and accurately. For customers who prefer a non-instrument based method, internationally recognised and validated test kits based on immunoassays are also available, giving results in a more cost-effective way without compromising on the accuracy.

Food Allergen Testing

Using a protein swab based on color change, customers are able to determine the efficacy of their cleaning on food processing surfaces. Screening and quantitative test kits are also available for testing any specific allergen of concern. Screening kits enable users to get results from their environmental samples – swabs and CIP rinses – in as little as 6 minutes. Quantitative kits enable users to test both environmental and product samples against test controls provided, giving a quantifiable level of allergen contamination.

Mycotoxin Testing

Screening and quantitative tests are available based on lateral flow and ELISA-based methods. Using a common water-based extraction from the same prepared sample, fully quantitative lateral flow kits enable users to test for 6 mycotoxins accurately in only minutes. Results are captured in a reader. ELISA-based methods allow users to screen or quantify their results by testing their sample against controls provided.

Temperature & Humidity Data Logging

Chokim offers a wide range of temperature and humidity data loggers. Our data loggers are small, easy to use & operate and are able to function in cold and warm temperatures ( -40⁰C to 85⁰C) and dry or humid environments (0-100%RH). Results are easily downloaded via USB to a laptop/computer.

Seafood and Shellfish Toxin Testing

Screening and quantitative test kits are available for testing histamine, allowing companies to verify the quality upon receipt.  Screening kits are available for marine biotoxins such as Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning (ASP), Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning (DSP) and Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP), enabling customers to test for shellfish contamination. A rapid semi-quantitative test is also available for detecting sulphites in shrimp.

Laboratory Equipment and Consumables

Chokim carries a wide range of equipment required in a laboratory ranging from ovens and incubators to weighing balances and pH meters. Consumables such as glassware and plastic ware, pipette tips and biohazard disposable bags are also available.


Using lateral flow, microwell and DNA testing methods, users can identify a broad variety of fish and meat species. ELISA assays and lateral flow test kits enable users to conduct their testing on-site with a limited amount of start-up equipment.  

Anaerobic or Microaerophilic Chambers

Different configurations of workstations are available depending on customer’s testing requirements. A diverse selection of anaerobic, micro aerophilic & hypoxic workstations ranging from 270 to 1080 (90mm) plate capacity chambers are available.

Sterile Sampling Bags

A wide range of sterile sampling bags are available for sample collection. Chokim also offers stomacher bags as well as filter bags for oily samples or samples with fine particles that may inhibit testing.