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Meet the latest addition to Chokim’s current range of products for sampling.

Featuring sponges for large surface areas and swabs for small and irregular surfaces, we have got your sampling needs covered.

Sponges for large surface areas

EZ Reach™ Sponge Sampler 
Twist off handle holds the sponge securely but is quick and easy to remove once sample collection is completed

EZ Reach™ Split-Sampler 
Allows a single sample to be easily “split” into two distinct samples for separate analysis

SampleRight™ Sponge
High density polyurethane sponge provides easy handling and manipulation for those preferring an option without the attached handle

Swabs for small & irregular surfaces

PUR-Blue™ Swabs
Polyurethane foam tip allows for economical sampling of both very small and large areas (up to 1ft²)

PUR-Blue™ DUO™ Swabs 
With an attached tube of media, DUO swabs are designed to facilitate collection and enrichment of pathogens with a single device 

VeriSwab™ Sampler
Ideal for collecting samples from small areas with limited access such as cracks, crevices, and areas with small openings




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