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IUL,S.A. started business activities in 1987. Its goal and reason of being is to provide an easier, more comfortable, safe and reliable microbiological control for the industry, by providing the design and manufacturing of instrumentation for such purpose.

The strength of the company resides in bringing innovation into the classic microbiology. All of the IUL,S.A. designs contain an original and unique idea, that in most of the cases is a worldwide patent.

  • Spin Air - Air Sampler


    Microbial air contamination monitoring is a key process in facilities with special air cleanliness needs. Spin Air samplers grant users a compact, portable, simple solution to air sampling. Accuracy and precision-enhancing Spin technology enables Spin Air samplers to outperform the accuracy of other air sampling systems.

    Pharmaceutical, medical device, food, and cosmetic manufacturers, as well as healthcare facilities all benefit from the use of Spin Air samplers to assess airborne bacterial and fungal bioburden.

    IUL’s air samplers are very compact and devised for easy transportation to enable sampling to take place anywhere needed. Operating these is very simple, a Petri dish is inserted and the device’s lid is screwed in place. Next, accurate volumes of air are sampled by forcing them towards the Petri plate’s agar surface. After incubation, colony enumeration enables to evaluate microbial air quality.

  • Spin Air

    spin air


    -Spin technology for precision, accuracy and resolution enhancement.

    -Full sampling traceability.

    -LIMS connectivity.

    -Use a barcode reader for quick sample and operator identification.

    -Allows for duplicate sampling when connected to a Slave unit.

  • Spin Air Slave

    spin air slave


    -Spin, technology for precision, accuracy and resolution enhancement.

    -All the advantages of the Spin Air main unit to which it must be connected to operate.

  • Spin Air Basic

    spin air basic


    -Spin, technology for precision, accuracy and resolution enhancement.

    -Very affordable cost.

  • Basic Air

    spin air basic air


    -Regular static Andersen air sampler.

    -Extremely friendly to low budgets.

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