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Don Whitley Scientific Limited is a leading international supplier of innovative equipment and services to the microbiology industry. They develop, manufacture, market and service instrumentation and associated products (Anaerobic, hypoxic workstations) for the public and private sector – primarily for use in hospitals, public health laboratories and research institutions.

  • Anaerobic Workstations

    Anaerobic workstations: MG500 for 540 plates or MG1000 for 1000 plates incubation capacity.

  • Hypoxic /Anoxic Workstations

    Workstations designed specifically for tissue culture research where the ability to create hypoxic conditions within a controlled and sustained environment is crucial.

  • VA Workstations

    Whitley Variable Atmosphere Workstations are used primarily in the study and isolation of microaerophilic organisms such as Campylobacter spp and Helicobacter pylori.

    Up to 4 gases – nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air and a 10% hydrogen/nitrogen mix – can be combined within safe and varying ratios to provide a specific atmosphere.  A microprocessor controls and maintains the selected mixture.

  • Bacterial Enumeration

    WASP Spiral Plater

    The Whitley Automated Spiral Plater represents a radical new approach to plater design, introducing automation, repeatability and flexibility into spiral plating.


    Colony Counters:

    Two different ranges introduce new levels of efficiency and accuracy to colony counting: aCOLyte and ProtoCOL3.

    -ProtoCOL Automated Colony Counter

    -aCOLyte Colony Counter

  • Rapid Automated Bacterial Impedance Technique (RABIT)

    Direct and indirect impedance measurements and modular design provide a totally flexible screening system with Windows based software adding usability and value.

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