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BioThema is the company entirely devoted to ATP technology. Our philosphy is to offer our customers the best possible support regardless of application area. We want to establish an open dialogue with our customers and help them to succeed.

Since 2001 BioThema has been located in Handen, south of  Stockholm, with a view over beautiful lake Rudan. Our facilities include the production department, research department and the sales and marketing team. Please read more about us in the topics below:

  • Luminescent Assays

  • Kinase RR Kit


    For the easy and reliable identification of protein kinase inhibitor candidates from large compund libraries.

  • ATP Kit SL


    ATP Kit SLIf the reaction is possible to couple to ATP formation or degradation, e.g. kinases and their substrate or mithocondrial ATP production.

  • Cellular ATP Kit HTS


    If you have a luminometer with dispensers or have a sample with low amount of ATPases

  • Cell Viability Kit SL


    If you have a luminometer without dispensers and a sample with high density of ATPases

  • Intracellular ATP Kit


    When you want to determine bacterial ATP in pure bacterial cultures.

  • Microbial ATP biomass


    When you want to determine bacterial ATP but mammalian cells and extracellular ATP are present.

  • Luciferase Assay

    You have biotinylated luciferase coupled to an antibody via streptavidin

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