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Bigneat is an innovator in the design of Ductless Fume Cabinets, utilising carbon and HEPA filtration technology. Ductless Fume Hoods are suitable as alternatives or can be used in addition to Fume Cupboards for many laboratory procedures. In many situations where fume cupboard space is at a premium, a recirculatory filtration cabinet can be used to make a laboratory procedure safe, reducing the risk of release of fumes, vapours and particulates into the laboratory environment.

Bigneat offer a complete range of products from laminar flow cabinets to biological safety cabinets.

  • Ductless Fume Cabinets

    Bigneat’s ductless and portable fume hoods and cabinets are a cost effective solution for containment of laboratory hazards (fumes in the most part) with a highly efficient carbon media formulation. This makes these cabinets potentially the safest on the market with excellent absorbance characteristics.

    Highlighted Features:

    -Clear access to working area

    -No ducting or expensive installation costs

    -Portability enables positioning in the ideal location

    -Quiet operation

    -Low air flow alarm

    -Fans run at low speed to give long filter life and low sound level

  • PCR Cabinet and UV Sterilization Cabinet

    UV is effectively utilised in both the Bigneat UV Sterilisation Cabinet and the Bigneat PCR Cabinet. The PCR Cabinet additionally protects against contamination by bathing the PCR apparatus in sterile air and limiting risk of contamination from the operator’s arms, or from any equipment bought into the otherwise sterile environment. A positive pressure ensures that there is no ingress of airborne contaminants from the surrounding laboratory environment.

    Highlighted Features for PCR Cabinet

    -Pre-filter has an efficiency of 90% to EFV grade EU7

    -HEPA filter has an efficiency 99.997% for particulates as small as 0.3micron

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