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Awareness Technology designs and manufactures cost-effective laboratory instruments including microplate readers, chemistry analyzers, microplate washers, and related laboratory equipment. Our products are used in clinical diagnostics (EIA and general blood chemistries), food, veterinary, environmental, industrial and other testing applications.

  • Microstrip Reader

    Stat Fax® 303 – Microstrip Reader

    -Automatic Strip transportation

    -3-strip loading capacity or break-apart, single and double strips. The carriers come in two styles, 3×12 for break-apart microwell strips and an optional 3×8 for non-break-apart microwell strips

    -Bichromatic optics. Standard model includes four filters, six filers are available for a nominal charge.

  • Microplate Reader

    ChroMateTM  – Microplate Reader

    -Compact and economical 8-channel microplate reader

    -Reads absorbances of 96 wells in under 10 seconds

    -Streamlined design with minimal footprint and superb optics to fit any size lab bench.


    Stat Fax® 3200 – Microplate Reader

    -Fully automatic reading

    -Bichromatic optics. Standard model includes four filters, six filters are available for nominal charge

    -On board data reduction calculations include regressions, curve fitting and cutoff absorbance

  • Chemistry Analyzer

    Stat Fax® 1904 – Chemistry Analyzer

    -Bichromatic optics. Six filters standard

    -Easy to use with step-by-step prompting and on-board graphics printer

    -12 station 37°C incubation block and temperature controlled read well. Cuvette size is 12mm by 75mm

    -Performs both endpoint and kinetic assays


    Stat Fax® 3300 – Chemistry Analyzer

    -Large 240×128 pixel graphical display

    -Shows kinetic plots in real time

    -Stores control values and creates Levey-Jennings plots

    -Optical system is temperature controlled to 37°C

    -Bi-chromatic with 6 filters and spaces for 2 optional filters (340-700nm)

    -Adapts to use 12 mm round tubes, 1 cm square cuvettes or built in flow cell

  • Microplate Washers

    Stat Fax® 2600 – Automated Microplate Washer

    -Fully automatic

    -Washes flat, round and V-bottom plates and strips

    -No user adjustments required. Automatic Calibration, alignment and last row detection

    -6 ready-to-run wash programs


    Stat Wash® – Manual Microplate Washer

    -Aspirate and dispence functions are controlled by push buttons on the wash wand

    -Easy to use and maintain

  • Microplate Incubator Shaker

    Stat Fax® 2200 – Incubator Shaker

    -Holds two 96 well microplates for mixing and/or incubating

    -Digitally controlled 8-speed shaker with orbital mixing from 575 to 1500 rpm

    -Temperature adjustable from ambient to 40°C with resolution of 0.1°C

    -Digital timer controls shaking or can be operated independently as a timer

  • Automatic EIA and Chemistry Analyzer

    Chemwell® 2910 – Automatic EIA and Chemistry Analyzer

    -200 tests per hour

    -No carry-over

    -Liquid sensing probe tip

    -8-well wash head

    -Level-sensing wash, rinse, and waste bottles

    -LIS, STAT

    -QC tracking

    -Self-monitoring mechanics and optics

    -Auto dilute and retest for over-range samples

    -Reaction Volume <250uL

    -No custom disposables

    -IAD filters

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