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Askey (Holland)

Since 1989 Askey Dataloggers has specialised in data logging equipment for temperature, humidity, CO2 and analogue signals. Askey is an importer of Escort Data Loggers, KeyTag Recorders, Newsteo Wireless Monitoring and SenseAir IR Gas Measuring.

  • Escort Junior Humidity Loggers


    This ‘HS’ model of the well-known, battery powered Junior loggers records temperature and humidity at intervals from 1 to 255 minutes. The loggers has a memory of 16.000 values and its measuring range is -20 to +60°C and 0 to 100% relative humidity.

    The logger has a small display showing the last stored values and in case you do not want the display to show anything, you can easily switch it off.

  • KeyTag KTL108 Data Logger

    ktl108 data logger

    The KeyTag KTL-108 logger has been designed to meet the growing demand for cost-effective electronic temperature recording solutions.

    The temperature range is -40 to +85°C with a capacity of 8,000 readings. The sampling frequency is adjustable from 30 seconds to several hours.

    IP65. Measures 86mm (H) x 54.5mm (W) x 8.6mm (T). Weighs just 35g.

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