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ALP pipettes are used on an everyday basis by laboratories all around the world in medical field (hospitals, clinical analysis), research (universities, research institutes), and industry (food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotech) and are known for quality and reliability.

ALP manufactures a wide range of serological pipettes, in which you can choose from different tip and packaging configurations : this allows every user to have a pipette corresponding to his expectations.

Technical features

High accuracy disposable serological pipettes in polystyrene.

One piece construction :

  • no seal = no sample hang up
  • no seal = higher resistance


Colour coded plug (exclusive ALP patent).

Fine graduations increase accuracy and ease reading. Permanent and relief printing.

  • Accuracy >98% at full volume.
  • ALP pipettes suit for use with any pipetting device.



Choose from different packaging configurations:

  • Sterile individual : paper/plastic wrap, with “fibre free” paper
  • Sterile bulk : plastic bags
  • Non sterile : plastic “zip-lock” bags

Standard size of cases for easy palletising. 4 inner boxes per outer case.



Pipettes are gamma irradiated. Sterile pipettes are non pyrogenic, non cytotoxic, non haemolytic.



All sterile bags are lot numbered. Bar-codes on all cases and boxes (every case has a unique bar-code). Certificates of conformity.


BVQI ISO 9001:2000 Certified


  • 1 ml to 25 ml pipettes

    ALP 1ml to 25ml pipettes

    -Very economical pipettes for all non sterile applications.

    -Narrow diameter of body gives a larger space between graduation lines : adjusting level is easy.

  • Pipettes for general laboratory purposes

    wide tip pipettes

    -Pipettes mainly used in food industry and for some life science applications.

  • Wide tip pipettes

    open end pipettes

    -Pipettes mainly used in food industry.

  • Open end pipettes

    milk and bacteriological pipettes

    -1 ml & 2.2 ml pipettes individually wrapped are the only ones available on the market.

    -2 ml pipette is economical : 2 dilutions can be performed with a single pipette.

  • Milk and bacteriological pipettes

    aspiration pipettes

    -Safe alternative to glass Pasteur pipettes : plastic is much more resistant than glass (elimination of risk of injury).

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